This  sweet boy was found on June 9,  on  the Soda Springs walking trail by 3rd E. He was brought to the Soda Springs  Animal Clinic. He did not have any collar, tags or microchip. He is neutered and  has double rear dew claws. They estimated that he is about 1-2 years old and he  is a pyranees/ heeler mix. He is an absolute love. This boy  just wants to be with you. He also smiles at you for attention. Great  personality on this boy. Originally they named him Steven Trout, he smelled like  fish when he first came in. They listed him on multiple sites and many of the  staff shared the posts to try and reconnect him with his family. No one came  forward. He was at the clinic for 10 days, until the night of June 18 when one  of the staff took him home to foster. They tried keeping his name trout but he  did not respond well, he was then renamed Tucker, Tuck for short.  He instantly  loved their 2 year old and didn't mind the constant hugs and eye pokes and even  gave a shower of kisses every time he walks by. He fit right in with their two  other indoor dogs, 2 cats, and even the chickens running loose. Tuck is  absolutely terrified of cows though, he shakes and on his own WILL NOT  go  within a 25 foot distance, horses are only a little bit scary. He does great  with an open yard, stays close, doesn't wander and comes when called. He however  made it clear he prefers the outside life to indoor living as all he wants to do  is sniff the flowers and stretch his legs. He pouts every time you bring him  inside. He sleeps well in a kennel at night and when left in the house alone, he  has not made any messes and has shown no sign of distress. He would do great  with a big yard and a doggie door so he can come and go as he pleases. Tuck is  wonderful and so full of love. He (will have) had his first set of vaccinations  June 25, where he was also microchipped and tested for Heartworms.


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