We try not to post every horrid and sad  detail about the animals that come to us but  Shasta's story needs to be told.   I think it will help people understand what she needs today. 


Shasta was chained to a cement block with a 19 pound chain around her neck.  That chain pulled at her neck and dug into her flesh.  The black you see around  her neck is a mixture of blood dirt and grease from the chain.  Her humans said  they fed her, she just wouldn't put on any weight.  That is a big lie.  They were too lazy to do anything for her and damn near let her starve to death.   She spent who knows how long out in the elements with no shelter, no food, no water, no company and no way to get free.  What kind of a monster does this to another living being.   :( 

Well that's enough of that.  On to happier and brighter things.   

Our Shasta is healthy and full of it.  She loves to run the fences and bark at the birds.  She likes to hunt for mice and loves rolling in the cool grass.  She isn't much of a toy player but she does like  her teddy bear.  

She is great with kids and loves every person  she meets.  Shasta has learned to play nice and she even has a few doggie friends.  This sweet gorgeous girl has come a long way.   

She would love to have an inside home.  She needs a safe fenced yard and someone who has some time to spend with her.  Some one who is strong enough to hold her back on walks and  someone who has lots of love to give.    She has been alone long enough and is thrilled to  finally get some attention.  

Shasta is a 5 year  old Pyrenees.  She is potty trained, spayed, up on all her vaccinations and micro chipped.

Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application.       

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