Miss Millie is running off leash playing with toys and loving lots of attention.    :)   

After following this little family for weeks in the mountains we realized that Miss Millie was  the ring leader.  She was the most outgoing and seemed to be the bravest.  Everyone would say.  "Good grief how hard is to catch a puppy?"  Well it was really hard.   She would take food out our hand and then take off running.    She would wiggle her back end and bounce around like this was all just a game.   She had no idea how serious it was for her to be up there all alone.  When we would bring food she would run down and bark and play, just didn't trust us enough to come home with us.    She would sit and watch us pull away as is to say, Please don't go.  

Little Millie spent a whole week on the mountain by herself.  We could hear the coyotes.  We had to get her out.  

MIllie is still a little shy.  We don't quite trust her off leash yet but she's coming along.  She loves snuggles and loves to have  her ears rubbed.   She tries to resist loving us but it's impossible.   We are very determined because we are crazy about her.        She loves to play with her brother and mom and really like balls and squeaky toys.  It's funny to see her bat them around to make sure they aren't alive before she takes off running with them.   She's learning to be a puppy and she is beautiful like her momma.      

Miliie is about 7 months old.  She is spayed, up on all her vaccinations and micro chipped.  Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application.      

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