Just like every year,  guardian dogs, working dogs and  stock dogs are left behind when fall comes.  That is something I will never understand.   These dogs work all summer to protect their flocks and herds and then the thanks they get is to be abandoned.   ANH has rescued a number of dogs out of surrounding canyons every single year  and sadly  2017 wasn't any different.   This beautiful girl and her puppies were up high.  The road is closed during the winter, lots of snow,  no traffic, no chance of surviving.   Since this little family had no idea we were trying to help them, it took the ANH volunteers 6 weeks to track them and get them out.  Melaunie was so weak.  She was giving everything to her babies and at 69 pounds she would not have survived much longer.    At first they were all so scared.  They had no idea we were trying to help them.  I think the only human contact Melaunie had ever known  was probably not a very good memory.  I doubt her babies had ever been around people. I'm sure it seemed to them we had  turned their world up side down.    It didn't take Melaunie long to know that she and her babies were going to be safe.   She was ready to get off that mountain and she was ready to trust someone.      

We think Melaunie is about two years old.   She is so gentle and sweet. She loves her bed and her play yard.  She likes to watch her babies play and I think she's just like every good mom,   so glad they are safe.   Melaunie loves to play in the field and she loves to hunt for mice.  She comes in with dirt all over her nose and a big smile on her face.   She comes running when called, takes treats very gently and waits to potty when we let her out in the field. She is great walking on leash and loves car rides.    She is slowly learning about toys and she is learning that we love her very much.  Those beautiful eyes are just so grateful.   

Melaunie is spayed, up on all her vaccinations and micro chipped.   Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email kjfam@dcdi.net for an application.      

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