Our Mat enjoyed a trip to the mountains.  He loved playing in the creek, and bouncing around in the flowers. The picnic was pretty yummy too.    He is such a  great puppy.


Look at me. I'm a hunk :)

Mat has really come a long way since he first joined ANH.  He was a bit shy  and just wasn't sure about his new home.   He was always watching and  waiting for who he thought was his family to come back for him.   He just didn't understand why someone who he thought loved him would tie him to a fence at the shelter in the middle of a snowstorm.  We were able to find where Mat came from and are grateful he is with us now.      

They say I'm such a good boy.  HaHa  Well I try.   I still like to play chase but I like treats and car rides so  everytime I tease the aunties they have goodies to get me in the car.    They think they have me all figured out.    Really I am on to them.   I will always come back in when I'm done exploring.  I am having fun at my new temporary home.    I have lots of friends and I get the best food and lots of playtime.   

I'll tell ya what I'm looking for in a family.   I like big kids.  Kids that like to have fun, play and take me too.   I like to camp and hike and be outside.  I don't want to live outside all the time though, I want to have a spot inside with my new family.    The aunties say I need a fenced yard and they are right so I don't get myself in trouble.   Really I'm a pretty cool guy and I'm  ready to adopt a new family.

Mat is a character and everything he says is true.   He is neutered, up on all his vaccinations, micro chipped and potty trained.  He would do best with another female dog about his size.  He isn't a fan of kitties and likes chickens way to much so a home with no kitties or chickens is a must. 

Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application 


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