These cute little kids are about 12 to 13

 weeks old.    They are  in foster care learning all kinds of good puppy manners.   They are potty trained, crate trained and try really hard not to chew on important stuff.       They love toys and treats and are happy sweet little puppies.   They have been with big dogs, little dogs and lots of kitties.   They are very social.   They just love everyone.    Jack loves to go for walks and is very good on leash.   Jill likes to walk Jack.   She doesn't want the leash on her but she walks Jack with the leash in her mouth.   She is the most outgoing and energetic.  Jack is very laid back and pretty much does whatever his sister says.   :)   

These puppies need an inside home and a safe fenced yard to play in.    They will  have had their first and second puppy shots.   They will be micro chipped but they  just too little to spay or neuter.  The shelter will make arrangements to help when they are old enough for surgery.      Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email kjfam@dcdi.net for an application.

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