Gypsy hasn't had the easiest life.  She spent most of it on a chain.  When your world consists no more than 6 feet in every direction, you tend to be overwhelmed by the big world past the length of that chain.   Everything new was scary at first  She is still a bit timid but she is learning that people can be kind and when you have someone who loves you to help you along, the world isn't near so scary.   

Gypsy is a very sweet puppy.   She would love to be someones special girl.   She is learning about potty training and knows how to use a doggie door.   She is brilliant so she will catch on fast.   She loves to chase birds and she loves to go for car rides.   She isn't very interested in toys but she does like to go for walks.   She is a little fearful of other dogs, so  being the only puppy or maybe sharing a home with a very quiet dog would work best.   She isn't a kitty person so no cats for this girl.    

Gypsy is a 5 year old Border Collie.   She has been spayed, up on all her vaccinations and she is micro chipped.   If you would like to show this sweet girl how wonderful life can be, please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or Dani 208 241 5538 or email us for an application.   

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