Bear and his sister Holly are two more Pyrenees puppies left behind in the  mountains by sheep companies.  They were obviously born on the mountain  and thankfully survived.  When we were called to try to capture  them, they  were starving and scared.  A few more days alone, they wouldn't have  made it.   We are so grateful these puppies are safe. 


Now  they are healthy and happy 6 month old pups and they are each ready for their own home.   They would love lots of room to roam.  Open spaces  but fenced to keep them safe.  A home where they were welcome inside in  case they needed a  snuggle with their new family.  Which is very  likely. :)   Experience with this  breed is recommended.  Please call  Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application   

Bear is just a little shy at first.  He stands back to let his little sister do the meet and greet and when he  thinks all is well he jumps in for a pet or two.   He is very well behaved and minds so well.  He likes bowls and rolls them  around in the snow like he has the best toy in the world.  Doggie toys, he doesn't pay any attention to so Holly gets them all.  He loves the snow and rolls and rolls.  The more icicles on him, the better.   Bear is a sweetheart and he's going to be someones very best loyal friend.