Bartlett is one of Melaunie's puppies.   He was the most shy when he first came in.  He would huddle in the corner and growl.  He wouldn't eat. He was so scared and miserable.   His little face was all covered with pine gum and he was not happy.    I think he thought his life had turned totally miserable.   We know if he or his sister Millie would have had the chance to escape, we would not have been able to catch them again.   

Lots of  messages and soft conversations, calming music and  story telling. Lots of quiet time.  Pretty soon he was eating out of our hands.  He was going for walks,  playing with toys,  barking at his sister and bouncing around in the field with his mom.    He was a puppy.  He didn't have to be afraid of predators in the mountains .  He didn't have to go to sleep  cold or with a hungry tummy.   He was safe.   He is a happy little man now.    :)    

Bartlett is about 5 months old.  He is neutered, up on all his vaccinations and micro chipped.   He loves his bed, stuffed toys, pigs ears and believe it or not tummy rubs.   He loves to go for walks and he even likes car rides.   

Food is a pretty big deal too.  :)    

Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application.    

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