Yep I'm very "Purdy" Well anyway that's what all the Aunties at ANH say. Uncle Joe said I look like a gigantic black spider. HaHa I think that's kind of funny. I am a little skinny and I've got some long ole legs but they make me go fast. :) I love to run and play but I promise I come back every time I'm called. I have learned all about toys since I came to my new home at the shelter and they are super fun. I especially like the squeaky ones. I like food.......alot, and I love my warm bed. It's nice to be somewhere safe where I have lots of nice folks who love me. Please remember I would like to someday have my very own home. Ask the Aunties all about me. They will tell you I am a very good boy.


Bart is definitely a good boy. He is just starting to get used to all the freedom he has now. He is so sweet and so loyal. He loves people and is great with other dogs. He has been trained to hunt birds but I honestly can't tell you what kind of training he had. Bart is also potty trained. He loves to go for car rides and he is a perfect little traveller. Sadly his owner is now in a care facility so Bart won't be able to go back home to him.


Here are some things we would like for Bart. A fenced yard with lots of property to run and play, an inside home where he can be part of the family, lots of good food and attention. He would love to have a few squeaky toys. These are just a few simple things that would make this boy very happy. Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application.

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